Bronx Compass High School Mural with grey dragon and compass

Respect For All Week!

We are very excited to recognize and participate in "Respect For All Week" here at Bronx Compass! This year, we will be encouraging our school community to reflect and center activities on the following themes for the week:

Monday- "Healthy Relationships"

Today, students shared advice on good habits for maintaining healthy relationships and took quizzes which helped them assess the quality of their own relationship practices.

Tuesday- "Self-Care, Self-Respect"

Tomorrow, students will be encouraged to define the terms "self-care" and "self-respect" as well as identify practices that promote both. 

Wednesday- "No One Eats Alone"

Students will be encouraged to act as "upstanders" rather than "bystanders" and to proactively contribute to the wellness of their fellow school community members. 

Thursday- "Respect Diversity"

Students will be encouraged to wear something that they feel represents their identity (cultural or otherwise), and share various aspects of this identity with other members of the school community. Students can reflect on aspects of identities other than their own that they have an appreciation and/or admiration for. 

Friday- "Compass Spirit"

All members of the school community will be encouraged to wear their Compass swagg and embody all the values of "Respect for All" highlighted during the week.

Of course we strive to practice and embody the values highlighted during "Respect for All Week" everyday here at Bronx Compass, but this week in particular, let's make an extra special and concerted effort to have all of our activities infused with the spirit that these values promote! The Bronx Compass Counseling Department looks forward to participating in a meaninful, fun, and productive "Respect for All Week" with you all! Let's get it

In Partnership,

The Counseling Department