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Student Expectations

Bronx Compass High School
GRIT Expectations
We're Bronx Compass and we've got GRIT!
G – Guts
  • Ask for help when in need
  • Take academic risks in the classroom
R – Responsibility
  • Be punctual to school, to class, and use hallway passes properly
  • Be prepared to work with materials, focused to learn and meet all deadlines
I – Integrity
  • Be honest to others and be honest to yourself
  • Display positive sense of character by respecting ALL members of our community and using appropriate language in classrooms and common areas
T – Tenacity
  • Create goals and continuously work toward them
  • Persevere even in times of struggle and adversity
Former G.R.I.T Winners

9th Grade
Guts: Yerald Hernandez
Responsibility: Brandy Polanco
Integrity: Angel Rodriquez
Tenacity: Yostin Tineo

10th Grade
Guts: Joey Minyety
Responsibility: Jailin Dominquez
Integrity: Roderick Joshua
Tenacity: Israt Richi

11th Grade
Guts: Teresa Cohetero
Responsibility: Luis Veras
Integrity: Terrel Sarpong
Tenacity: Vyasadave Abreu

12th Grade
Guts: Azizur Rahman
Responsibility: Chethram Ramoutar
Integrity: Oscar Sanders
Tenacity: Jennifer Reyes