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Class of 2020

Welcome to our Bronx Compass

Class of 2020 Senior's Page

CO_2020 Seniors
Environmental Club Video
Bringing Cardi B 2 BXC?
Pearlman and Pablo's Surprise Party
Watch in on the joy, ask many of your fellow Peers, Teachers and Admin all came together to help celebrate Pablo getting married and Pearlman new baby on the way!

Senior Oath
As Bronx Compass Seniors and Bronx Compass Dragons,
WE will soar above all
our circumstances, our hardships, and our challenges
that we have endured for the past 4 years
and will continue to overcome for the rest of our lives,
especially at a time like this.
Like a Bronx Compass Dragon, WE GOT G.R.I.T.
The Guts to get our diploma,
The responsibility to attend & complete all our classes,
Thee integrity to hold our friends/peers accountable,
and the tenacity to leave behind our legacy, as it will be a wake up roar for future Dragons.
Because like a dragon WE soar above all else and roar louder than OUR opposers!
For we are the graduating class,
and we will lead by example, by being the example!
Because WE GOT G.R.I.T.
C0-op Student First Paycheck!
Co-op student Brian Morgan with their first paycheck from Bronx Compass High School for their service to our school!