Bell Schedule

The Daily Schedule applies to both REMOTE ONLY students and Blended-Learning Students

Introducing Virtual Study Hall!

STARTING: December 8, 2020

Virtual Study Hall Hours to support Bronx Compass Students in their classes and offering tips to stay ahead and to stay grounded, after school, evenings and weekends!

Students - Extra Credit Engagement Points for Attending sessions with your teachers! Get ahead, stay ahead!

Families - Please make sure your child is attending these sessions for extra help if their grades are not where they should be.

We are here to support you! See below for calendar and links to zoom rooms!

Virtual Study Hall Calendar - Fall 2020

Bronx Compass Fall 2020 Bell Schedule

Period 1: 8:45-9:24

Period 2: 9:27-10:06

Period 3: 10:09-10:48

Period 4: 10:51-11:27 (AIS and Lunch)

Period 5: 11:30-12:09

Period 6: 12:12-12:51

Period 7: 12:54-1:33

Period 8: 1:36-2:15