Your support helps our dragons soar.

Donations to Bronx Compass High School are tax-deductible and a letter of acknowledgement will be provided to all donors.

How can I support and help enhance programming at Bronx Compass High School?

  • All donations must be made via check.
  • All checks should be made out to “Bronx Compass High School General School Fund”
  • All donations must indicate in the memo line which area (Recruitment or Students Events) you would like to support:

Student Recruitment - Funds are used to host informational sessions for current middle school families, or to visit local middle schools and other local agencies to let students and families know why Bronx Compass is the BEST LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL! These funds allows us to provide light refreshments and promotional materials to our potential new recruits and their families.

Student Events - Funds are used to host meaningful events to engage our students and community during the instructional school day or for extracurricular activities. This includes events such as school dances, cultural celebrations, field trips, parent workshops, and student celebrations! These donations allow us to provide refreshments, work with local businesses and obtain materials necessary for each event to take place.

*Please include a brief note stating where you want your designated donation to support, along with your check.

With gratitude,

Bronx Compass Dragons