Student Support

Student Support at Compass

All staff and faculty of Bronx Compass are dedicated to ensuring each of our students has the support he or she needs to thrive. This means knowing what those needs are and we achieve it by knowing who our students are. We have over 350 unique students on campus, and we see them all.

In their day-to-day experiences, every student at Compass is supported in important and not always visible ways. We balance the need to inspire confidence and self-reliance in our learners with their need to feel safe and secure within their learning environment. Our relationship with families is an important ingredient in supporting our youth, so we ensure communication channels are always open, with the student's best interest always the primary focus. The most important way we can support our students, and in turn their parents, is by knowing their child extremely well. And we do.

Out for Safe Schools

The Out for Safe Schools Badge Campaign was started by the LA LGBTQ Center and the LA Unified School District in 2013 to help identify adults in the school building to increase the visibility of adult allies to LGBTQ students on school campuses. By 2016, 117,000 teachers, administrators and other school staff in 9 major districts across the country wear the OUT for Safe Schools® badge, reaching over 2.5 million students!