Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The mission of Bronx Compass High School is for our students to graduate college ready with the academic skills to attend and graduate from the best-fit college of their choice with the greatest financial aid support allowable. Students will leave Bronx Compass equipped to pursue a career path they are passionate about and prepared to succeed in and are socially and emotionally equipped to excel on a college campus and in the workplace.

Student Expectations

G.R.I.T. Expectations

We're Bronx Compass and we've got GRIT!

G – Guts
  • Ask for help when in need
  • Take academic risks in the classroom
R – Responsibility
  • Be punctual to school, to class, and use hallway passes properly
  • Be prepared to work with materials, focused to learn and meet all deadlines
I – Integrity
  • Be honest to others and be honest to yourself
  • Display positive sense of character by respecting ALL members of our community and using appropriate language in classrooms and common areas
T – Tenacity
  • Create goals and continuously work toward them
  • Persevere even in times of struggle and adversity